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 Open the client.
     Select a Character
    Open Task Manager and get the process ID of your Ragnarok Client

    Open CMD
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Views: 21842 | Added by: admin | Date: 05.10.2015 | Comments (3)

Hello Everyone,

I got a lot of emails asking on how to create or add a new server on the openkore bot.

I'll be posting the guide early next week.

The guide will might be my last post here since I don't create or use bots anymore.



Views: 3230 | Added by: admin | Date: 05.10.2015 | Comments (5)

Download the lastest ragnarok bot ready for different servers.

Server Included :

pRO [Philippines Ragnarok Online]
- New Chaos
- New Loki
- Valkyrie
- Valhalla
- New Iris
- Sakray

bRO [Brazil Ragnarok Online]
- Asgard
- Odin
- Thor

fRO [France Ragnarok Online]
- Chaos

idRO [Indonesia Ragnarok Online]
- Thor
- Legend
- Fnc
- Heroes

iRO [International Ragnarok Online]
- Ymir
- Yggdrasil
- Valkyrie
- Sakray
- Loki Classic

jRO [Japan Ragnarok Online]
- Verdandi

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Views: 16632 | Added by: admin | Date: 11.02.2013 | Comments (6)

El Descartes patch Working bot

New bot for valk and New loki

For Valkyrie

KS Bot / Packet Errors Fixed / Character Selection Fixed

For New Loki

KS Bot / Packet Errors Fixe ... Read more »
Views: 6895 | Added by: admin | Date: 08.21.2012 | Comments (0)

Download Complete WOrking bot for New Loki here

http://hotfile.com/dl/111796126/ff6e763/New ... Read more »

Views: 7589 | Added by: admin | Date: 03.25.2011 | Comments (1)

This openkore Bot is only running on Philippines Ragnarok Servers namely New Chaos, Valhalla and Valkyrie. If you want it to run to other RO server
Click the Other Server Guide at the Site Menu
Or this mirror

Happy Botting!!!
You can used my configs at the Site mEnu is you already have a bot on you just used configs and paste to your macro or config.txt
Views: 9915 | Added by: admin | Date: 01.13.2011 | Comments (26)

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